Why you?

Whether you are setting out on your career or already

ensconced in the boardroom, you will not succeed on

your own. You need others to choose to listen, buy into

and come with you.

In this book, I answer the Big Question, WHY YOU?

It’s packed with stories, examples and tools to help you

lift your game holistically, both as a true leader and a

better person.

A few editorial comments:

‘A masterful expose of the how and what of leadership combining pragmatic tips to enhance performance. An easy and compelling read for the modern leader.’

‘Larry understands it is the followers who have the power. They decide to follow a leader or not. This book is full of straight-talk and endless charm, looking leaders in the eye and urging them to be bigger, bolder and better.’

‘This book captures the essence of Larry’s philosophy of excellence in leadership. His vignettes, laced with humour, clearly demonstrate why he’s sought out by the CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies and partnerships.’