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Communicating effectively is a two-way process

April 17, 20171 min read

Clear. Articulate. Passionate. The ability to communicate well is a leader’s most vital trait. And despite technology and our ever-increasing online presence, face to face communication remains the most compelling form of human interaction.

Relating to our listeners is the starting point to engaging others successfully. Effective communication begins with a plan and ends with our giving our best to every audience, large or small,every time.

Whether we love getting on the soap box or are a more reticent or less confident communicator, we can all excel at – and even come to enjoy – the most challenging situations, both formal and informal.

Of course, I’m not just referring to speaking in public or to the media. I also mean the vital, basic requirement to communicate openly, to listen actively, to understand and to respond appropriately – in the manner of a leader and in the language of leadership.

We can all always improve our communication proficiency. And, speaking frankly, to lead effectively we have little choice not to.

Larry Heugh Robertson

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