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20 Personal Development Experts to Work With in 2022

September 07, 202323 min read

MAY 2023

Everyone’s personal development journey is different, but we can all benefit from working with a personal development coach. These passionate professionals help people from all walks of life to identify the issues holding them back and work through them to unlock their full potential and reach their goals.

If you’re going through a significant life transition, whether in your professional or personal life, you will benefit from working with a good personal development coach. They will provide all the guidance and tools you need to succeed! To help you find the right fit for your needs, here are the top 20 personal development coaches of 2022.

Alejandro Ortiz

Personal Development Expert Alejandro Ortiz specialises in helping professionals and entrepreneurs develop a conscious mindset to achieve their personal, professional, and business goals. He is the Founder and CEO of Alejandro Ortiz Consulting, a consulting firm that helps clients identify their genius and purpose to have a clear direction in life.

Alejandro studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming for over 3 years and is a qualified counsellor, mentor, and trainer. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, and a diploma in Global Leadership. This extensive education gave him the tools to understand human behaviour, develop leadership skills, and adopt a goal-oriented mindset.

Based on his wealth of knowledge and experience, Alejandro has created programs based on the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership, purpose, and self-awareness. The goal is to help clients develop a conscious mindset through his INTENTION methodology, which is the foundation of all his consulting services.

INTENTION stands for:

Identify the why

Name the situation

Thank you

Evaluate your feelings

Notice what is important

Tell yourself the truth

Imagine the desirable situation

Observe how you feel in the new situation

Name the new situation

With this unique approach, Alejandro enables clients to realise their true intentions and improve their consciousness to take mindful action towards their goals. After all, decision-making should be a conscious process. Alejandro strives to help clients understand all this so they can take control of their lives at a personal, professional, and business level.

The Mojo Maker©

Founded by CEO, Author, and passionate Personal Development Coach Nikki Fogden-Moore, The Mojo Maker© is an integrated coaching business based on neuroscience and Quantum Decision Making™. Nikki and her team work with high-performing men and women to help them transition from overwhelm to sustainable success. The mission is to ensure the world’s wealth is managed by outstanding value-led leaders.

Nikki leverages 25 years of global experience at the highest level in both business and wellbeing. She has worked with international agencies and extreme sports athletes, coached CEOs and their teams, and also served as Head Trainer of Women’s Health and Fitness.

In 2004, she launched her CEO retreats in Europe, and her business has reached a global level with online programs, speaking engagements, workshops, books, her podcast Radical Self Belief, The Mojo Maker Show, and more. The Mojo Maker provides the best tools to help modern leaders get in the driver’s seat of life, both at a personal and professional level.

Nikki specialises in Quantum Coaching and her trademark Mojo Maker© framework guides extraordinary leaders so they can regain their “mojo” and thrive with vitality, confidence, courage, and conviction in all areas of life. She uses her highly accurate intuitive skills and intellect to create accessible tools as well as simple and applicable everyday models and frameworks that help clients achieve sustainable success and radical results.

Gordon Burke

Founder and CEO of Free From Concern, Gordon John Burke is a knowledgeable and passionate personal development expert. He specialises in freeing executives from concern so they can go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, brokenhearted or angry to feeling focused, inspired, and at the top of their game.

Gordon works with clients to set them free and help them focus on what truly matters to them so they can perform well and achieve their goals with ease. He sets clients up with thinking frameworks, tools, and strategies designed to help them expand their awareness and transform their lives.

Free From Concern offers long-lasting, positive change and it enables clients to re-imagine their lives. Gordon leverages extensive experience in personal development coaching to provide individualised solutions. He understands that making a change for the better is a big commitment, so he provides the support, understanding, and accountability to help people succeed.

Gordon’s approach provides clarity to people who feel like their lives are in chaos. He also helps them develop absolute certainty and achieve a true sense of calm and emotional control. Essentially, Free From Concern helps executives get their heads back in the game and focus on what’s most important to them with self-paced, personalised support that promotes self-empowerment and amazing outcomes.

Dr. Tim Baker

Director of WINNERS-at-WORK and passionate executive coach, Dr. Tim Baker specialises in assisting leaders to help them improve performance. Since organisations are teams of people working towards a common goal, building leadership capability is the best way to improve performance and increase their Return on Investment.

Dr. Tim Baker is a specialist in organisational development and performance. He has a successful track record in transforming leadership capability, something he has been doing for 18 years. He has conducted over 2,430 seminars, workshops, keynote addresses, and coaching programs for over 45,000 people in 13 countries across 21 industries.

He leverages all his wealth and expertise to help individuals, teams, or organisations thrive. As an executive coach, Dr. Tim Baker offers unique and proven solutions to leadership development. Including Workplace Culture Change, Change Management, Management Development, Executive Coaching, Organisational Profiling, Team Development, and People Skills Development. Additionally, he has authored 14 books on the subject to share his insight, including the latest one, “WINNING TEAMS: The Eight Characteristics of High-Performing Teams.”

Research shows there’s a link between engagement and the bottom line, but employee engagement is a big issue. Surveys show that 70% of employees are disengaged, which costs businesses money. The only way to make a difference is through leadership, which is why investing in it is a sound business decision. Dr. Tim Baker helps clients develop leadership that leads to success and higher revenue.

Meliora Life

Founded by Sally Mukii, Meliora Life is a boutique company that supports individuals with psychosocial disabilities through the NDIS to help them lead a dignified life on their terms. With a holistic and bespoke approach, the team provides customised services to help individuals reach the best possible outcomes.

Sally and her team of experts are passionate and take pride in their work. They go above and beyond for their clients, their families, and their careers. Meliora Life offers valuable services, such as Support Coordination, Psychosocial Recovery Coaching, and Assistance with Accommodation and Tenancy Obligations.

Meliora Life specialises in providing clients with a tailored space where they can truly thrive. The team understands how vital it is for individuals’ well-being to feel connected to their community and family, so they provide support in a culturally safe manner. Their approach is not only tailored, but it’s also collaborative, and they meet everyone with compassion and empathy.

They work with clients and their support systems to provide the assistance they need to live a full and contributing life. The main goal is to support clients until they’re resilient and capable enough to continue thriving on their own. Meliora Life bases its services on extensive knowledge of the NDIS and other Mainstream and Community Psychosocial Supports, so clients can benefit greatly from what they have to offer.

Jim Cocks

Personal development and online business expert Jim Cocks is the Founder and Head Coach of Clear Edge Coaching Pty Ltd., providing support to coaches that want to create more impact and freedom with a successful group coaching program. Jim and his team provide the support clients need to scale their business while freeing up their valuable time.

Jim’s signature system The Level Up Formula™ guarantees clients a double return on investment, ensuring they see outstanding results, if not achieved they will keep working with their clients for free until the goals are achieved. Jim understands very well that coaches have highly valuable and in-demand skills to offer. However, the lack of simple, successful business and marketing systems keeps them from taking the plunge.

It can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming to build a business where you struggle every step of the way. That’s why Jim has created the Level Up Formula™, which shows coaches and consultants how to create effective and essential systems so their businesses can thrive in all areas of design, delivery, marketing, and sales.

Jim provides clients with the guidance they need based on his personal experience and struggles in creating a successful business. Having the help of someone who has gone before them is something the coaches and consultants that work with Jim and his team definitely benefit from. Working with Clear Edge Coaching is the right choice if you want to level up and fast-track your business’s success.

Eunoia Mindset

Founded by Sophia Barros & Zoi Saad, Eunoia Mindset takes purpose-driven business owners through a bespoke personal development journey to grow, heal, and evolve to take their business to the next level. The Eunoia team understands that business growth can only ever parallel personal growth, and they are here to help clients maximise that growth, without giving into a toxic ‘hustle’ culture.

Their team of 5 brings expertise in Business, Psychology, RTT, NLP, CBT, Energy Work & Executive Leadership together to help their clients unlock their authentic genius zone, increase productivity, and ultimately find greater fulfilment & wellbeing. Too often, Founders with limited time, are forced to choose between working on their business or working on themselves; what Sophia & Zoi do so elegantly is provide a space where their clients can do both.

The latest research in positive psychology shows us that when we are supported, connected to ourselves, and have a sense of purpose, we not only enter flow easier and perform better, but we actually report higher levels of wellbeing and success. Eunoia Mindset’s personal development journey, therefore, focuses on the Me (Inner World), the We (Relationships), and the Mission (Purpose) to help business owners truly thrive.

Advanced Business Abilities

Making the list with a bullet is Mike Irving from Advanced Business Abilities, Australia’s renowned leader in helping business executives and their staff achieve rapid growth and transformation. Focused specifically on business growth, ABA is like no other coach or training system.

What makes ABA stand out from other coaches, is the data science that fuels their service to deliver noticeable & long-lasting results, fast!  The catchphrase “Tracked by data. Backed by science” is more than hyperbole, it’s a unique methodology for obtaining industry-leading results.

Using world-first technology, ABA can rapidly get to the root of the issue, constraining people’s abilities to reach their full potential.  Even with my own first-hand experience of the systems, it’s hard to explain how powerful ABA’s technology is in generating a window into your own limitless possibility. To quote Mike, “everyone has brilliance inside them, but only 5% ever achieve their full potential, with our systems that can be 95%”.

The areas that ABA specialises in are:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Employee Effectiveness

  • Sales Performance (teams & individuals)

Working within these three streams, ABA has helped companies break through the chains that were binding them and explode beyond belief. Their trick is science, and the ability to rapidly focus on the core pain points restricting the team’s results. For this reason, ABA is the clear leader in Australian Business Coaching and one to watch for years to come!

Founded by Personal and Professional Development Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, and International Best-Selling Author of ‘Futureproof You’ Kellie Tomney, guides executives and leaders to amplify their positive impact and move forward in the New World of Work. Kellie provides clients with career and life-changing tools through online and in-person 1:1 coaching, speaking, and impactful programs which have inspired and futureproofed thousands both in Australia and globally. provides coaching for high-potential, high-performing senior executives, leaders, and professionals who are ready to amplify their purpose, brand, and impact. Kellie specialises in superpowering clients to reach more fulfilment and financial sustainability because that’s how they can build a better future for themselves and those around them.

Leaders, creators, shapers, and transformers benefit greatly from working with Kellie. She provides the tools and partnership to genuinely reimagine their next stage. Kellie creates a unique path for each client, she practices what she preaches, and she unlocks space for real growth, consciousness, transformation, and accountability.

She is a world-class thought leader and speaker in branding, purpose, career & leadership who still coaches. Whilst others tend to move on to Speaking full time, she loves coaching people – it’s her calling. helps high-performing, ambitious individuals leverage their purpose and amplify their full potential. This leads them to greater fulfilment and enables them to authentically and positively contribute like never before, reaching new heights not just in their careers, but also in their personal lives.

Full Potential

Founded and led by consultant and author Jamie Mushin, Full Potential is a bespoke coaching and training consultancy specialising in leadership, communication, and executive strategy, working to elevate people, upskill teams, and ultimately transform organisations.

Jamie leverages 20 years of experience in leadership consulting to help clients practice Mindful Leadership. Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, clients are guided towards understanding their current position and where they want to go, identifying key behaviours for greater personal effectiveness, and fulfilling their strategic potential. Full Potential also offers group training programs for team development and facilitated discussions for strategic insight.

‘Full Potential is all about empowering people to become the best version of themselves, which in turn drives engagement, loyalty, and success, says Jamie. ‘The 21st-century workforce is unique, with a mix of Baby Boomers, Gens X, Y, and Z. Organisations currently have a huge opportunity to leverage and develop diverse teams which offer unique strengths, while tapping into the potential of new ways of working presented by the pandemic.’

‘As such, we focus on delivering solutions based on contemporary leadership concepts such as empathy and vulnerability, human skills that are too often overlooked. This can create the right environment for team members to feel more empowered and engaged.’

Jamie is also the author of the mindfulness-based stop-smoking book, Quit for Life (Penguin 2012), with his book on emotionally intelligent communication due for publication in 2023.

Campus Consultancy

Founded and led by Josh Farr, Campus Consultancy focuses on helping university, high school, and government staff to deliver top-quality professional development programs for their students. This is the largest and most successful leadership development organisation specific to university students in Australia. As such, they are partnered with 39 universities and have delivered nearly 1,000 workshops to over 35,000 students since 2017.

Campus Consultancy specialises in leadership and career development and they employ a diverse team of expert facilitators and program managers. The entire team, including Josh, deliver fun, educational solutions, but more importantly, they deliver long-term results. They can design and deliver tailored programs to fit clients’ needs and take their performance to the next level, all the while increasing student engagement and retention for a clear business ROI.

When Campus Consultancy first started, it focused on the niche of university student clubs. Since then, they have expanded to over 100 unique clients and they sometimes work with more than 10 departments simultaneously at a single organisation.

Their programs, workshops, and online courses are not only customisable, but they are also energetic, inspiring, and most of all, practical and applicable in real life. Campus Consultancy is also a Proud Supporter of OzHarvest, donating the equivalent of 1 meal for every student who participates. To date, they’ve donated the equivalent of more than 15,000 meals. For more information, reach out to Josh directly via

Jason Back

Thought leader and Australia’s leading mortgage broking expert and coach Jason Back is the proud Founder and Director of Broker Essentials. Jason is an established figure in the finance industry and a sought-after media commentator with a wealth of experience in mortgage broking.

Jason has been named the ABA 2020 Mentor of the Year, AMA Industry Service of the year 2020, Better Business Awards 2021, 2022 Mentor of the Year and Thought Leader of the Year, and APAC Entrepreneur of the Year Financial Service 2021. In 2016, he founded Broker Essentials and launched a training course for brokers where he provides insight into the best practices and habits of high-performance businesses.

Jason has created a practical and targeted program called Broker Essentials Revolution, which helps brokers and administration staff build, grow, and scale their businesses by focusing on excellent service to increase sales. He has leveraged over 30 years of experience in the finance sector, where he took many different roles, including senior sales, distribution, and management roles, to develop a logical and strategic approach to business that leads to positive results.

He’s passionate about people development, mentoring, and keynote speaking, and Broker Essentials allows him to provide practical onsite change. Jason offers a powerful industry-leading model where brokers receive valuable education to focus on what the market is missing so they can deliver it themselves.

Daniel Burgess

Founder of The Phoenix Experience, Daniel Burgess is a personal development expert who helps entrepreneurs and business leaders reinvent themselves to enjoy personal, mental, financial, and spiritual abundance. He has mastered the art of becoming new and provides custom breakthrough experiences to help clients reinvent themselves. Daniel is a coach, a mentor, and a personal wingman for men who are ready to thrive and become the Kings they are.

Daniel specialises in life reinvention, making his services stand out. He supports men on the road to becoming who they truly want to be so they can start living on their own terms. Whether clients want to change what they do, their physique, their lifestyle, or who they wake up next to, Daniel provides the guidance and tools they need for long-lasting change in any aspect of life.

Men have been engaging in boyish behaviours for too long, and Daniel wants to help change that. Numbing emotions, impulsivity, disconnection, being distracted, exaggerated dominance, lacking self-confidence, and living in fear keep men from reaching their full potential, knowing their place in the world, and taking the reigns of their lives.

Daniel practices what he preaches, so he has implemented everything he teaches and every solution he provides, which has allowed him to perfect his approach. His main goal with The Phoenix Experience is to remind men that becoming a king is their duty and birthright. To step into that role, they must take action and Daniel provides the roadmap.

Larry Robertson 

Larry Robertson is an experienced executive coach who is passionate about excellence, teaming and outcomes. He is the Founder and Director of Robertson Burns, where he advises chairmen, chief executives, and other executives in the art and science of leadership and communication. Larry has worked with some of the largest organisations in Australia and with clients in Africa, Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East, New Zealand, the UK, and the Americas.

Larry’s mission is to help leaders truly lead and make a real difference. His approach is filtered through the twin lenses of clarity and humanity. Focused on enabling outstanding, sustainable results, he works with an ever-increasing range of executives at all levels across a range of industries and professions.

Larry started his professional career in the British Army (Irish Guards) where he served as a platoon commander and rose to captain. This role took him around the world and he met with royalty, heads of state, international politicians, diplomats, and more. He subsequently joined Collett Dickenson Pearce in London, then voted the world’s most creative advertising agency, as an account executive, and rose to account director. He left CDP to start his own successful ad business in Sydney which he sold a few years later.

Understanding that organisations need confident and articulate leaders to succeed, Larry leveraged his personal and professional experience to set up Robertson Burns. Here, he helps current and aspiring leaders develop the skills to show up and make a meaningful impact.

Pip McKay

Highly respected thought leader and passionate personal development coach Pip McKay is the CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute Pty Ltd. She has spent the last 22 years of her life creating techniques that help clients discover their unique passion and purpose. She helps people get rid of negative influences and fulfil their true potential by providing them with the tools and support they need.

Pip is the award-winning, best-selling author of “The 8 Principles of Achievement Love and Happiness” and “4 Tribes 1 Earth”. Her first book hit Number 1 in Australia, the USA, the UK, and Canada, and she’s also an exceptional speaker. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise to help others thrive.

As a pioneer in personal transformation and coaching, Pip has created two new fields, Matrix Therapies® and Archetypal Coaching®. Her techniques, which are based on proven psychological, spiritual, historical, and intellectual foundations, have been taught throughout Australia and the world, most recently, in Israel.

Pip’s approach to coaching is entirely holistic and she has worked with award-winning actors, football stars, entrepreneurs, authors, and everyday people who want to live extraordinary lives. Through the Evolve Now! Mind Institute, Pip offers many exceptional services. Such as corporate training, executive training, transformational speaking, retreat programs, personal development courses, and unique tools to help clients find their soul’s purpose in every area of life.

Toni Reilly Institute

Founded by CEO, inspiring Personal Development Coach, Australia’s #1 Past Life Specialist, and Best-Selling Author Toni Reilly, the Toni Reilly Institute offers valuable programs, training, and resources. Toni is the creator of SoulLife® Coaching, based on a new psychology she’s been developing in the last 20 years. This is a program that certifies progressive and intuitive therapists and is the next step in the evolution of an innovative paradigm for psychology.

Toni trained with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss in New York, where she built a deep understanding of the regression technique and unique methods of application. She also explored mediumship and intuitive development at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Toni leverages world-class training, extensive experience, and a wealth of knowledge to offer valuable personal development services.

The Toni Reilly Institute was founded in 2009 and it offers personal development programs that combine concepts such as embracing innate traits, searching for deeper meaning, and increased self-awareness. All their training is soul-based and it incorporates the mind. Toni and her team teach modern intuitive concepts and they help normalise the metaphysical. The big difference is that this metaphysical training doesn’t lack substance.

Toni’s goal is to transform, coach, counsel, and heal with an intuitive and kind approach. She’s also passionate about bringing respect and credibility to the skillful use of energy. These techniques and processes deserve to be acknowledged for their miraculous healing properties, and it’s one of Toni Reilly Institute’s biggest values.

Quantum Results Coaching International

Founder and CEO of Quantum Results Coaching International Suzanne Glendenning leverages 20 years of experience as a coach, together with many years of experience in corporate and business, to help women face the many challenges that come their way. Suzanne has worked in many industries, including Marketing Advertising, and IT, so she understands the obstacles women have to break through in business and she genuinely loves to support them.

From being heard and acknowledged to finding a good work/life balance, it’s not easy for women to thrive. Having changed careers and started her own business gives Suzanne a deep appreciation of the opportunities women often walk away from due to fear based thinking. Quantum Results Coaching International strives to help women in business rediscover their purpose and passion to make the right decisions to flourish.

Suzanne is a qualified and certified Life Coach, Core Essentials, Master Results Coach, and Master NLP Practitioner. She uses the tools, strategies, and knowledge she has earned in her career to help clients explore their possibilities and potential. Quantum Results Coaching International offers services for women in business, executives, and business owners who want to have control of their lives.

Clients will receive the guidance they need to make the right choices, let go of limiting beliefs and find the courage they need to step up. Suzanne offers a tailored approach and works with neuro-pathways to help with stress, life balance, leadership skills, communication, confidence, and self-esteem.

Steve Grant

Led by Director and Founder Steve Grant, Gym Hub specialises in providing business mentoring to hundreds of fitness studios around the world. Steve has created the ROCKET Marketing System, which helps GYMS grow memberships fast! The success of this approach led Gym Hub to be awarded International Fitness Business Coach of the Year 2022.

Steve has 23 years of experience in the fitness industry. He started as a Personal Trainer and he has a Bachelor of Physical Education. Additionally, he played Rugby League with the Cronulla Sharks. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge, so he lectured PE teachers and sports business at Sydney Olympic Park for 3 years, before leaving to build two of his own gyms from $0 to over $1 million in annual revenue.

Gym Hub teaches GYMS how to create in-house marketing so they can STOP hiring expensive marketing agencies and keep more money in their pockets. They also help clients stand out from the competition with high converting ad copy, images, and video, automate marketing efforts, and train staff in sales so owners can work less.

Gym Hub Members can attend weekly coaching calls with Steve and support from their Facebook Ad expert, as well as tap into an extensive library of high converting ad campaigns, phone sales scripts, graphic design services, and cold lead nurture automation software. The average Gym Hub member adds an extra $20,000 to their annual revenue in the first 30 days working with Steve, which is fantastic value.

Brian McAleer Coaching Services

Led by Director and Head Coach Brian McAleer, Brian McAleer Coaching Services specialises in supporting young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 to determine their life and career direction with clarity and purpose. Brian is an experienced Life and Youth Coach with a successful background in Youth Work who’s passionate about helping young adults build confidence and valuable life skills.

Brian is one of the few Life & Career Coaches in Australia who focuses specifically on working with young adults and he’s the author of “Setting Goals Using the SMARTEST Method”, which he provides to all new clients to start their journey towards a more accomplished and fulfilled life.

Brian McAleer Coaching Services focuses on Life Coaching, career direction, planning, goal-setting, mentoring, and entrepreneurship. They offer 1:1 coaching, online group coaching and training, and facilitation services, so they are able to fulfill clients’ needs.

One of the things that set Brian McAleer Coaching Services apart from the competition is that they offer coaching programs tailored for each individual or group. Brian bases his approach on the needs and wants of clients and delivers his coaching in a flexible and adaptive way. In short, his coaching services can keep up with our ever-changing world and ensure young adults receive the tools and support they need.

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing personal development coaches to continue to watch as they make their mark on the world.

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